We're Stone Statements, and It's a Pleasure to Meet You

Stone Statements literally started on a beer napkin over a decade ago.

The Cincinnati area was teeming with stone fabricators churning out substandard products and providing subpar service. It was the wild west of the “stone age”. One father-son team decided it could be done better, so the son drew out a business plan on a beer napkin and Stone Statements was born.

From day one, Stone Statements has been dedicated to quality, customer service, and high performance. In the beginning, when money was tight, everything was done by hand by the owners.

Today, some 5,000 days later, we still stand for superb quality and service. We’re still family owned and operated, complete all of our work on premise, and never sub-contract. However, some things have changed. Stone Statements now offers the latest and greatest fabrication technology, has an 30,000 square foot facility with over 1,000 slabs of stone/quartz, and employs a staff with over 90 years combined experience.

We know it sounds cliche but the Stone Statements' staff is a family. We know each other. We’ve celebrated weddings, births, and business victories together. We’ve mourned losses (personal and business related) together. The past 14 years have made us incredibly tight-knit and have enabled us to work together like a well oiled machine. That’s why we’re able to complete a job in just 1 week from template.

While Stone Statements is proud to be growing, that was never the goal. We never wanted to be the “biggest” guy in town… just the best. And we think we’ve achieved that.

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